What Kind of Training Do You Need to be a Truck Driver?

Truck Driver Training

We are so familiar with semi-trucks, the gentle giants of the road. The majority of the time, they cruise in the right lane, and every now and then, as a casual driver, we see truck drivers make a tight turn. Have you ever wondered what exactly truck driver training looks like? Well if you continue reading below, you will stumble across this very information!

The first important thing to note, truck driver training prepares the driver to take a test to receive their CDL license to perform trucking jobs. A CDL license requires special CDL classes. A CDL license allows one to operate large machinery or other large, heavy vehicles. It is important to remember that you can get a specific endorsement for your CDL. An example of an endorsement would be pursuing a CDL that allows you to haul a specific material.

Did you know that semi-trucks and other large vehicles move about 70% of the nation’s freight by weight? This means that there are a lot of truck driving jobs to be had. So the training to get one of these remarkable jobs is very similar to traditional driving school. Truck driver training starts out in a CDL class, in an actual classroom. The classroom portion of truck driver training prepares future truckers by informing them of the rules of the road, driver information for different states, etc. Just like your traditional permit test, the truck driver test also requires you to take a written permit test before getting your CDL license. This permit is meant to allow you to drive a commercial vehicle that weighs up to 26,000 pounds or so. A secondary road test is required to demonstrate capability in maneuvering the bigger trucks.

Lastly, you should be wary about which type of CDL training course you are in need of. There are three different ways to pursue a CDL: license, certification, or an accredited training course. A licensed school meets the state minimum requirements to be a truck driver, and the school itself is licensed in the state you’re taking the test. A certified school means that is has been inspected and completely reviewed by an outside third party. However, this sort of adds a step as an individual can only graduate upon proving they can pass the standards set forth by the United States Department of Transportation. Lastly, the accredited school, which gets reviewed by an accrediting agency that has been authorized by the U.S Department of Ed. Which school you attend will determine what types of trucking jobs you can perform as well as to measure your capabilities and skills for the road. If you are considering a career move, or if it has always been your dream career, consider your local truck driving school, and get started on your career today!