About us

Custom Diesel Drivers Training, Inc. was founded in 1971 in Omaha, Nebraska. For over fifty years, CDDT has been helping to make the roads and highways of America a safer place. Custom Diesel Drivers Training has six (6) licensed instructors and out of that six, we have four (4) licensed third party examiners. They’re each licensed by the Nebraska Department of Motor Vehicles.

Locally owned, CDDT continues to meet the needs of the expanding trucking industry by successfully graduating thousands of educated and trained professional truck drivers for many local and national trucking companies. Today, CDDT offers its students up-to-date classroom and field training, all designed to provide the skills needed in the trucking industry.

We at Custom Diesel Drivers Training, Inc. are particularly proud of our history. Our pride lies not so much in that we are an old school, but rather in the fact that we are both an old and growing school. Come join us at CDDT and start your new driving career today!

James Walker – Director/President

James’ experience in trucking started in 1979. He joined the United States Army and drove a 28 wheel tractor trailer hauling heavy tanks. He hauled plastic parts within Colorado, then drove coast-to-coast hauling swinging and boxed meat out of Colorado. He has pulled flatbeds, hopper bottoms, tankers, refers, dry box, and livestock trailers. He has driven well over four million accident free miles in the trucking industries. He and his wife became the new owners of Custom Diesel Drivers Training, Inc. in October 2010.

Ken Walker – Vice president/instructor

Ken was born and raised in the trucking industry. His father, grandfather, and great-grandfather, were all truckers. He joined the team at Custom Diesel Drivers Training, Inc. in 2013. He serves as CDDT Vice President and as an instructor, as well as a 3rd Party Examiner.