About us

Custom Diesel Drivers Training, Inc. was founded in 1971 in Omaha, Nebraska. For over fifty years, CDDT has been helping to make the roads and highways of America a safer place. Custom Diesel Drivers Training, Inc. has eight (8) licensed instructors and out of that eight, we have six (6) licensed third party examiners. They’re each licensed by the Nebraska Department of Motor Vehicles.

Locally owned, CDDT continues to meet the needs of the expanding trucking industry by successfully graduating thousands of educated and trained professional truck drivers for many local and national trucking companies. Today, CDDT offers its students up-to-date classroom and field training, all designed to provide the skills needed in the trucking industry.

We at Custom Diesel Drivers Training, Inc. are particularly proud of our history. Our pride lies not so much in that we are an old school, but rather in the fact that we are both an old and growing school. Come join us at CDDT and start your new driving career today!

James Walker – President

James’ experience in trucking started in 1979. He joined the United States Army and drove a 28 wheel tractor trailer hauling heavy tanks. He hauled plastic parts within Colorado, then drove coast-to-coast hauling swinging and boxed meat out of Colorado. He has pulled flatbeds, hopper bottoms, tankers, refers, dry box, and livestock trailers. He has driven well over four million accident free miles in the trucking industries. He and his wife became the new owners of Custom Diesel Drivers Training, Inc. in October 2010.

Ken Walker – Vice President/Director/Instructor/3rd Party Examiner

Ken was raised in the trucking industry in. His father, grandfather, and great-grandfather, were all truck drivers. He joined the team at Custom Diesel Drivers Training, Inc. in 2013. He Currently serves as CDDT’s Vice President and as an instructor, as well as a 3rd Party Examiner. ” What I enjoy the most about what we get done as a team is having the opportunity to work with individuals and instill a skill that will change their lives forever. With that said it also allows the employers to grow in there services to there Customers witch they serve. and that keeps America moving forward and everyone wins. It is so vital to keep creating new SAFE drivers with the proper skill set to overcome every day tasks and to keep everyone safe around them. We have the best team in my opinion and not only in training. Our team Genuinely cares about people and in there success entering into this industry and works extremely hard for our clients success. I am extremely grateful to be able to Represent Custom diesel drivers training for what are amazing staff Continues to do each and everyday”

Jenny Walker – Office Manager

Jenny is from Omaha, NE and joined our team in September 2020.  She originally started here as our receptionist and administrative assistant and has since took over the roll as office manager.  She handles all of our accounts receivables, VA paperwork, student financing, and all compliances amongst countless other duties.

“We have a great group of staff members who are fun, love their jobs, and are passionate about the trade/skills that they are teaching.  It is always rewarding to see the students at their graduation with their certificate and CDL in hand with a huge smile knowing that their lives have changed and have so many opportunities that await them!”

Debbi Jahn – Receptionist/Administrative Assistant

Debbi was born and raised in Omaha, NE and had worked in the medical field prior to joining the CDDT family as our receptionist and administrative assistant in January 2021. She is the first point of contact for everyone that walks in our doors and takes care of so many things ranging from taking calls, helping people to get registered for school,  putting all of the classroom training materials together for our new students, and scheduling our classes, recruiters and vendors, amongst so many other countless office tasks!

“I like seeing students come through and get their CDL and start their new careers.  I am here for them from their initial registration to their graduation!  This is the best job ever!  The Walker family are great people to work for, and everyone that I work with are awesome! ”

Amanda Biggs – Admin/ Marketing/ Recruiting/ ELDT

Amanda is originally from Council Bluffs, Iowa and has moved several places growing up. She came through school at Custom Diesel Drivers Training in October 2019, Graduated on her Birthday and also started working here. She spent about a year and a half here before she decided to take some time of to spend with her 4 children.  Amanda has since returned back to us as this is where her heart is. Amanda is able to help with the majority of aspects of the company.

” I enjoy helping students from the moment they walk through the door ready to sign up all the way until graduation. I came to school and I know the process and the struggles that students go through. Its nice to understand on their level and have the bond that I went through the same. ”

Jim- Instructor/Supervisor

Jim is our New Instructor/ Supervisor

He was born in Idaho and moved to Hawaii, He served in the US ARMY from 1990- 1998 2004-2008, with tours in Iraq and Afghanistan. Jim obtained his CDL in 1998 and drove Refer, Oversize and mostly Opendeck.  Jim Started with CDDT in April of 2022. He has the drive, passion and heart for the position.

” The thing I like the most is the students, That moment when it all clicks and they finally get it. Knowing that I am helping shape the future of trucking is important to me.  This work and lifestyle has given me so much, this is my opportunity to give back.”

Mike Schoenberger – Instructor/3rd Party Examiner

Mike is from Council Bluffs, IA and has been with our CDDT family since April 2017.  He has had his CDL for 20 years and has primarily driven tractor trailers in that time.  He is an instructor at our school as well as a 3rd party examiner.

“I enjoy the people that I work with and changing peoples’ lives for the better and helping the transportation industry with upcoming new drivers”

Dave – Instructor

Dave is originally from Council Bluffs, Iowa.  He has held his CDL for 8 Years and decided to get off the road and become and Instructor at CDDT. Dave loves everything about his job and enjoys watching his students graduate and move on from their training.

John- Instructor

John is originally  form Lincoln, Ne

Served in the UNTED STATES MARINE CORPS- 3 Years Active, 3 Years Inactive, Reserves. NEBRASKA ARMY NATIONAL GUARD- Retired.

He has used his CDL for  12-15 years in the Military and 8 Years Civilian. The types of trucks he has driven are; Hazmat Tanker, Food Products Tanker, Double Trailers, Flatbeds, Van-Trailer, Conex-Flatbed, Numerous Military Range Vehicles.

John joined the team at Custom Diesel Drivers Training in June 2022.

What you like most about your job at CDDT?

” I find it very fulfilling to help the students succeed”

Sam- Instructor

Nick Bassman Instructor

Nick Woodward is 41 years old. He was born in a small South Dakota town and has lived all over the US. Nick went to school in Yutan, Nebraska then set out to discover who he actually was when he was 17.  He rode bulls and broncs in this younger adult years and trained horses for 24 years.  Nick obtained his CDL in 2018 and took to hauling exotics and high dollar show horses.  3 years ago he had a life changing moment that made him move back to Nebraska with nothing but a few bags of clothes and a 5 month old baby.  He had to switch to driving semi’s to take care of his son and have a guaranteed paycheck.  Nick has always been an outdoor enthusiast, hunting and fishing but recently discovered his love of bass fishing and tournament. Nick enjoys doing MLF Bass Tournaments for the last few years.

Nick came to Custom Diesel with an open heart wanting to help students evolve into themselves and watch them grow within a career that has endless opportunities.