To Whom it May Concern,

Although I am involved in many diverse corporations, industries, and areas, my expertise, and more importantly my passion is assisting the youth and adults that are “At Risk”.  Many terms are used and there are many connotations that “at risk” can have.  I target the population that are at risk of not succeeding in life for a variety of reason.  I started decades ago with alternative high schools and have expanded exponentially to assist this population beyond their diploma.  There is a broad spectrum of youth that are not college bound.  In assisting them with following their personal dreams, I discovered that many desired to drive a truck for a career/ profession.  This made perfect sense to me for a variety of emotional and social reasons.   I researched many CDL schools, and most certainly there are many in the area.  In my research I felt that Custom Diesel Drivers Training (CDDT) appeared to best fit what I was hoping to achieve with the youth and adults I would be assisting.  I walked into CDDT with the tuition check for what would be my first student for them.  I was immediately greeted by Ken and introduced to his father and staff.  I visited briefly about my mission and the outcomes I was hoping to achieve for the population that I work with.  I touched on the fact that I would be assisting those who have many challenges in life.  Within an extremely short amount of time, I knew I was in the exact right place for students to succeed . 

CDDT has been in existence for over 50 years yet the leadership, and style of the school is extremely contemporary.  There isn’t a “cookie cutter” approach at CDDT,  but an individualized, humanistic approach that is a formula for positive outcomes.  They understood the challenges that had and would continue to face the vulnerable population that I serve.  They embraced the fact that self esteem and success had not been high for my students as they navigated through life.  Ken and his team immediately understood the importance of this milestone in these individuals’ lives.  They embraced the fact that this success could be the change maker that was crucial.  The depression and failures that often accompanies this population can be devastating for them to process.  Yet this could be the single thing that could turn their lives on a better path.  This could turn apathy into ambition, low self-esteem into self-pride, and constant failure into success.

CDDT has many partnerships, yet I feel that my partnership and my students are valued.  I communicate often with Ken, and he is always responsive and open to the needs of the students.  I absolutely support everything that CDDT stands for.  Ken is extremely well versed in the ever-evolving issues of this industry.   They are a partner for a bigger cause then simply getting a CDL license.  Each student is treated individually and made to feel important and valued.

I am grateful for this partnership, and I know it will continue, as we help many students navigate to be valuable member of society.


Jeannine J. Lane