Unsecured loads pose a threat not only for the truck drivers but also for the other vehicles on the road. The objects from the cargo may fly off and cause accidents. To prevent such unwanted events from happening, one of the most important truck driver duties or responsibilities is securing their loads.

According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulation or FMCSR, truckers should be familiar with the methods for securing their cargo. They should inspect their load and make adjustments during transit whenever necessary.

Truck drivers should ensure that their cargo won’t shift or fall. If this happens, it can damage the freight and make the vehicle unsafe because of uneven weight distribution.

Who Are Liable in Case of Unsecured-Load Accidents?

Many large truck crashes are caused by unsecured or overloaded cargo. In such events, several parties who may be held liable or responsible. They include:

  • Truck Driver

As mentioned, one of the truck driver duties is to ensure that their loads are secured and comply with federal and state laws. That said, they can be held liable if an accident occurs due to unsecured cargo.

  • Truck Manufacturer

The truck manufacturers may also be held accountable, especially if the unsecured-load accident is caused by a product defect. A faulty tie-down, for example, can cause the load to fall from the truck even if it is properly blocked or braced.

  • Trucking Company

Since the owners of the trucking company are the employers of the truck driver, they are responsible for the poor conduct or skills of their employees. They have the responsibility to ensure that their drivers are properly trained in securing loads.

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Aside from unsecured loads, one of the causes of large truck crashes is untrained drivers. Just because someone knows how to drive a car doesn’t mean they can also steer a truck.

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