How To Conduct a Pre-Trip Inspection on a Truck

Conducting an inspection before a road trip should be a necessity for every professional truck driver. Unfortunately, it is often neglected. A thorough check on the truck and its load can ensure that everything’s in good working condition prior to departure.

Also, Section 396.11 of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations requires truck drivers to prepare and submit a Daily Vehicle Inspection Report or DVIR on each vehicle they operate. But how do you perform a proper pre-trip inspection? To help you, here’s a guide you should follow:

• Under the Hood of the Vehicle
– Check the fluid levels of the oil, coolant, as well as the windshield washer and power steering fluid.
– Tighten the caps of the oil filler and radiator, and the power steering axle tires.
– Inspect the hoses for tears, leaks, and cracks, and the wirings for wears.
– Ensure that the kingpins, ball joints, and shock absorbers are properly lubed.
– Ensure that the fan belts have proper tension.

• Outside and Back of the Truck
– Make sure that the sleeper, cab, and compartment doors open and close easily and safely.
– Check the windows, mirrors, lamps, and reflectors for damage.
– Make sure the cargo is secured.
– Check the tires for flats, air leaks, and exposed cords.
– Ensure the brake chambers and driveshaft are free of grease.
– Make sure the catwalk and stairs aren’t broken and are free from any debris.

• Inside the Truck
– Ensure that the driver’s seat can be adjusted and free from any damage.
– See to it that the seatbelts are secure.
– Make sure the temperature gauges of the oil, water, and air move up to orderly levels.
– Ensure that the horns and A/C systems are working properly.

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