There were 3.5 million truck drivers employed in the U.S. in 2015. But, have you ever wondered how they learn to drive those giant vehicles? They first have to obtain their CDL or commercial driver’s license. If you are interested in the truck driving industry, continue reading below to find 3 incentives to go to CDL driver school!

  1. Sign-On Bonus

All of the incentives in this article aren’t available at every single truck driving company. However, these are real incentives that you may see/ may influence where you want to work. With that in mind, something you might have heard of is a sign-on bonus. This is typically a set dollar amount that gets added onto a truck driving contract when you agree to work for that company. There are some sign-on bonuses that offer a few hundred to a few thousand dollars as a sign-on bonus. If you are struggling to find work after passing your CDL driver school classes, it never hurts to reach out to your driving school and ask about jobs in the area/ if they offer incentives.

  1. Safe Driving Bonus

This is not super common, but it does happen. Sometimes truck driving jobs offer rewards/ bonuses for a job well done on safe driving. This might be a bonus as in monetary value, but it could also be something like time off, a vacation, etc. There are other bonuses that exist that don’t equal cash. However, when you go through CDL driver school, you should be learning defensive driving training and techniques. As the driver of a vehicle that weighs several tons, it is best to enact those techniques in your driving practices.

  1. Student Loan Payment

So this is relatively new as the cost of higher education has risen. However, some truck driving companies will offer to help pay back your student loans as their “sign-on” bonus. This is clearly meant to help attract younger people to this field/ profession, and it just might work. Think about how much less stressful someone’s life could be if they didn’t have to stress about the repayment of their student loans. If this sounds like you, it is not too late to look at your local CDL driver school. Don’t forget to look for incentives in trucking jobs after passing that truck driver test!